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01.11.10 Egypt! October! Sun! Wind! Comfort and...
And...Sold nasty water! Newer go to Egypt by autumn and spring time, especially in October and April... because there are a lot of wind, and too hot water, too warm wind... and... and no flies and mosquitoes!!!


05.09.10 20 September, Opening of a new season in Egypt !!!!!! Al-Mahash!!!!
Welcome to everyone, whose wanna ride and study in Kiteland water sport station!!! Join!!!! Call usВ  +20199195255   +20199195255  and sent your e-mail massageВ  and other information to


28.07.10 Hot and Windy summer!!!!!!
From the beginning summer was cold... but after it's getting very hot and awfully windy


16.06.10 St.- Petersburg!!! The Beginning ofВ  June

June give us a lot of wind, but it's a little bit coldly. During the week we can ride

Almost every day. And keep hopping on increasing of temperature and waiting for the students...


31.05.10 May!!!!! St.-Petersburg!!!! The opening of summer season!!!!
We are open summer season at these weak. The first students study theory on the shore and the most brave of them go to the water to kiting... We are waiting you all on the our lessons!!!
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