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13.11.13 НОЯБРЬ!!! ЕГИПЕТ!!!
В Египте всё спокойно. На ноябрьские мы посетили нашу станцию в Аль-Махашe!!!

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Комментарии (5):

09/08/16 Shermaine
I’m using almost the same lines, just init, dump and reset more.You should check your /roo/t.oprofile/daemonrc, maybe it’s corrupted or incorrect. I provide a default one with my packages, also a /root/vmlinux already setup. Also look counters. Do you have a MMC with enough space, is the symlink pointing to an existing directory on MMC?As for cpu speed not being recognized, it’s just a warning message, it also happens for me and other platforms too.Tip: try to limit data with “-t” and binary images, otherwise opreport will take forever to output data.
09/08/16 Benon
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10/08/16 Conyers
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11/08/16 Jeana
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11/08/16 China
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